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TriCrest Homes is a luxury residential custom home builder based in McLean, Virginia.  Blending form and function, we create living spaces in a niche market segment catering to high net worth individuals.  As a company, we believe in a healthy balance between work and personal life to create an environment for our employees to be challenged and succeed within the company.

Tasks to be Performed by Operations Manager:

  • Manage the online software platform Co-Construct, to include updating specifications sheets for each current project, managing change orders for each project, updating master selection sheet templates and schedules, and monitoring schedules and budgets for accuracy.
  • Creation and/or management of documents and spreadsheets for the following items
    • Budgeting and estimating of individual projects.
    • Project selection sheet (tile, plumbing, etc.) templates and portfolio packages for each TriCrest product offering.
    • Project punch-lists.
    • Subcontractor specifications sheets, master subcontractor agreements, and insurance certificates.
    • Lien waivers for each project.
    • Prospective client spreadsheets.
    • Responsible for the coordination, submission, and approvals of county permits.
  • Manage the client selection process by helping set up meetings for clients with local vendors, collecting pricing and change orders from subcontractors and vendors, and directing clients with appropriate choices based on vendor performance and budget.
  • Generate and submit all RFP’s for new projects, including specifications sheets.  Gather all bid documents to send to subcontractors and vendors and track progress of bids.
  • Manage and organize files on Dropbox platform.
  • Manage general office duties to include ordering of supplies and network duties.
  • Assist Managers in product and material research, design research and new subcontractor and vendor opportunities.
  • Work with project managers and V.P of Construction to manage customer service and warranty issues.

Character Traits and Skill Sets Required:

  • Trustworthiness – OM will need be exposed to sensitive information.  They will need to earn the trust of their manager and be responsible for guarding proprietary information.  This character trait must be demonstrated through their loyalty to TriCrest Homes and their professionalism in dealing with subcontractors and clients.
  • Responsible – The OM will have an integral part of the daily operation of TriCrest Homes.  They must be a person who does what they say they will do. Examples of this are completing tasks by deadlines, showing up on time to work, meetings and engagements and communicating with managers and other employee’s.
  • Time Management – The OM will be required to multitask between various activities on a daily basis.  Time management will be crucial in how efficient things get done and to the level of accuracy a task is being completed.  Attention-to-detail is required when handling tasks such as Change Orders or Selection Items.
  • Personable –  The OM must be able to interact with a wide variety of people, including people of many different ethnicities, languages, and socio-economic backgrounds.  The OM must be compassionate to clients, firm yet understanding with subcontractors and vendors dealing with payments, and patient dealing with people on a daily basis.
  • Problem Solving Skills – True problem solving skills are a necessity for the OM.  They will have the ability to look at a situation, produce effective and efficient ways to solve the situation, often times without the help of the Principal.
  • Integrity – The OM will be someone that lives with integrity in their lives and this will be shown in their work-life.


  • Two years’ experience in web-based applications
  • Two years’  experience in managing construction projects
  • Three years’ experience in general office administration (management) tasks
  • Two years’ experience using MS Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Three years’ experience developing Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) schedule
  • Demonstrated management and organizational experience

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